Monday, April 11, 2016

MANI MONDAY - Sunday Funday on Monday

I couldn't think of a clever title for today's Mani Monday since the name of the nail polish is already so cute! I have for you here today Essie Sunday Funday. It's a bright coral with silver sparkle scattered throughout. I got it to be opaque with three coats. I find that I usually need an extra coat with corals. I think it has to do with the slight neon quality they have.

This color is so happy and and bright. It just puts me in a better mood just looking at it. It's a perfect mix between pink and orange. It can be purchased here.

Essie Sunday Funday
The formula is great. Not too runny and not too thick. The shimmer is very subtle but you can see it once the color is applied on the nails.

Up-Close of Essie Sunday Funday

Will you be sporting coral nails this Spring? Let me know in the comments below!

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