Thursday, May 12, 2016

THROWBACK THURSDAY - Bonne Bell Flip Gloss

I almost forgot about this beauty relic of the 90s: Bonne Bell Flip Gloss. Did anyone else carry around one of these wherever they went? I always had some sort of lip balm or lipgloss in my pants pocket. You never know when your lips will get dry.

Bonne Bell Flip Gloss © College Candy
If I can recall, my tube was a translucent greyish blue. I think the bullet was some sort of blueberry but it applied clear. I was probably thinking I was super edgy having a kind of blue lipstick. It was really more of a balm than a gloss since it wasn't as sticky. It was actually one of the few beauty products color-wise I tried when I was in middle school that doesn't make me shudder today when I think about it!

Looking back, this product actually performed well and the gimmicky packaging was useful. Way to go, Bonne Bell! The flip top of the tube would actually stay down when it was closed so it wouldn't accidentally open up and roll around in your purse/pocket lint. I remember opening and closing it just for fun. The action was really smooth on the track. I wouldn't mind having a lipstick like that right now.

Did you own a Bonne Bell Flip Gloss or Flipstick? Let me know in the comments below!

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